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Put the potatoes in the fridge? Look what happens

Specialists argue that there are various foods that should never be stored in the refrigerator. And potatoes belong to this category. If you put the potatoes in the fridge the potato peel will blacken and will quickly deteriorate. Advertisement Image source : www.bzi.ro

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Natural antibiotic that kills E.coli bacteria

A substance produced by honeybees, royal jelly is made up of protein, sugars, fatty acid, probiotics, and water. It is produced by worker bees for only a few honeybees (while all other bees eat beebread), which helps the honeybees develop into queen bees. Widely available for purchase online, royal jelly is …

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The Most Useful Food to Fix a Cracked Glass

Most people agree that garlic is a tasty ingredient that makes a delicious, delicious food. Garlic is also very healthy. But did you know you can use it in other situations? You have probably noticed that garlic is sticky when you cut it. This is due to the sugar compound. …

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How to wear shoes without pain

Have you ever experienced the pain in wearing a new pair of shoes? You like high heels but you feel that pain is killing you? The article you read will offer you some tricks you may try in order to avoid pain. Some tricks can make your shoes more comfortable …

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How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor

I believe that many of the readers have already experienced the bed smell of the shoes after having been worn for several times. There are many products you can find in the shops, but why not trying to prepare one by yourself? The solution is very simple and practical. The …

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