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If Your Kids Don’t Want To Wash Their Hands, Make Them Try This Experiment

Most of the time, due to poor hygiene or total lack of it, the spread of germs causes mild symptoms of colds or flu. But, from time to time, we are scared of the incidence of serious diseases, such as meningitis. And as scientists are constantly bombarding us with information about new, dangerous strains of viruses, we owe it to our children to provide the care and time needed to educate them on a healthy and correct habit of washing their hands. Advertisement Image source : www.grandmasthing.com

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The simple and amazing trick for your hands

Baking soda has taken a special place in the personal care process. This ingredient was also used by our grandmothers in their care routine. If you want to use a natural product, less aggressive and cheaper, then you can confidently use baking soda. Here are some uses that baking soda can have in the care ritual. How to use baking soda in your care routine ? It is very simple and cheap within reach of any person Advertisement Image source : www.whatlisacooks.com

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I encourage you to try to prepare your own detergent. It is a simple way to save money and especially to provide the family with a healthy alternative. The whole process is simple and inexpensive. For baby clothes it would be recommended not to use any flavor. However, if you …

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