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If Your Kids Don’t Want To Wash Their Hands, Make Them Try This Experiment

Most of the time, due to poor hygiene or total lack of it, the spread of germs causes mild symptoms of colds or flu. But, from time to time, we are scared of the incidence of serious diseases, such as meningitis. And as scientists are constantly bombarding us with information about new, dangerous strains of viruses, we owe it to our children to provide the care and time needed to educate them on a healthy and correct habit of washing their hands. Show More

For example, did you know that simply washing your hands as often as possible has the potential to save more lives than any vaccine or medical intervention? It is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent diarrhea and pneumonia, causing more than 3.5 million deaths annually in children under 5 years of age. Although people all over the world wash their hands with water, not many people use soap.
How to make small children wash their hands?
The best way to teach them something is to play! So make washing your hands look like something fun, like a game, showing them and explaining them by your own example!
You can also do an experiment to see why he has to wash his hands. Here’s how:
Sprinkle ground pepper in a plate of water
Soak the ear stick in dish soap 
Insert the detergent stick into the plate with water and pepper.
Initially the pepper floats on the surface of the water. After contact with the dish soap, it is observed that the pepper moves towards the edges of the plate.
Pepper particles are light and float due to the bonds that exist between surface water molecules. The strength of these connections is due to the forces of surface tension.

The dish soap causes some of these bonds to break and as a result the water molecules move outwards, entraining the pepper particles (similar to breaking an elastic).

Some of the pepper particles will sink.
It’s an experiment that will work!


Image source : www.grandmasthing.com

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