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He put bay leaves in hot water. After a few minutes, put his feet in the mixture

Bay leaves, also known as laurel, have a number of therapeutic effects for the digestive system, respiratory system, heart health, but can also be used to relieve menstrual pain, to keep hair beautiful and healthy or to keep distance of insects. 
Can be used in other ways, due to their anti-inflammatory properties.  Show More

They are used as aromatherapy to reduce stress. If you suffer from allergies or have a cold, just burn a few bay leaves in a bowl. They will fill the room with a pleasant smoke, in which you are advised to stay and breathe for at least 10 minutes. The effect is miraculous.

In addition, the smoke resulting from the burning of bay leaves also has a relaxing effect, eliminating anxiety.
A few bay leaves in a pot of hot water will help you maintain the health of your feet.
This is a good recipe for older people who are starting to feel pain in their legs. They can be attributed to atherosclerosis and inflammation of the muscles.

To prepare the necessary remedy for these pains, you need only 15 grams (3 bags) of dried bay leaves.

On the first day, put the contents of a package of bay leaves (5 grams) in a suitable bowl and pour boiling water in an amount that is sufficient for a foot bath. As soon as the water has cooled to a bearable temperature, put your feet in it.
Hold them for 20 minutes, then dry them and put wool socks. The next day do the same procedure, without removing the previously placed leaves, then add the next bundle of bay leaves and pour boiling water over them again.
Allow the water to cool sufficiently for the temperature to be bearable, then soak your feet in it for 20 minutes. After drying your feet and putting socks on your feet, don’t throw water again. On the third day, repeat the same procedure by adding the last bundle of bay leaves and do the same.


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