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Pouring Rice Into An Old Sock Just Happens To Be Genius!

Rice is the most popular type of cereal in the world, “feeding” more than half of the world, the consumption of this type of gluten-free cereals has doubled in the last three decades. And this is nothing but good news, especially if we think about the many benefits that rice has.

Also, according to studies by the USA Rice Federation, people who ate rice regularly also consumed more vegetables, fiber, iron, and potassium than people who did not have rice in their regular diet and who tended to eat more.  Show More

Meat and more saturated fats.

While all whole grains share similar medical benefits, each type of rice also offers its own special benefits.
Certainly many of you have experienced at least once painful neck pain due to an awkward position you had while sleeping or in front of the computer.

These can be easily solved at the spa, with the help of a massage, but not everyone can afford such a treatment. Fortunately, there is a simple and efficient solution that everyone can try at home.

You need a bag of rice, a funnel and two socks, one thinner and one thicker. Take the thin sock, put the funnel in it and pour a suitable amount of raw rice inside.

Then tie the sock at the end, arrange the rice so that it is distributed along its entire length and put it in the other thicker sock. Put the sock in the microwave for one minute.

You will get a comfortable heater, which you can easily put around your neck and which will quickly get rid of pain.


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