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Here’s The Reason Your Pasta Spoon Has A Hole In It

In our kitchen there are all kinds of utensils that we use, without knowing why they were designed in a certain way. This is also the case with the pasta spoon, which is provided with a hole in the middle. You probably have a special spoon for pasta in the house too, and all this time you thought that the hole in the middle of it was designed to let the water drain. Show More

Well, that’s not why the spoon of pasta was built this way, and so far you’ve used it totally wrong.

Why does the pasta spoon have a hole in the middle?

Even if it also helps to drain the water, the hole in the middle of the pasta spoon has another use. Specifically, it helps you measure the amount of pasta needed for a serving. If until now measuring portions was a rather difficult task, now this is very simple to do. Thus, the situations in which the amount of pasta you boil is much too large, thus managing to save money and avoid some of the food reaching the trash.

Useful advice:

Flour pastas can be stored in a dry and cool room for 1 year, but it is recommended not to keep them for more than 6 months, because you do not know how long they have been in the store.

To cook pasta there are 2 rules: always use plenty of water (3.5 liters for 0.5 kg of pasta) and always boil water quickly. A tablespoon of olive oil placed in boiling water prevents the pasta from sticking. A teaspoon of salt during cooking gives a taste that you will never get again no matter how much salt you add after boiling.

The pasta must be combined with the sauce immediately after boiling, so that it does not stick together. If this is not , add a little olive oil to grease them.


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