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Chicken meat with hormones, arsenic and antibiotics

The everyday chicken, which we buy without thinking, seems to be, more recently, a controversial topic on the lips of scientists.
Although the labels inform us that these birds grow freely on the grass, outdoors and without too much stress, the truth is that most chicks come from warehouses, not farms, and can be extremely toxic food, including ingredients including antibiotics, hormones, growth accelerators, pesticides and chemicals from the vegetables, feed and cereals with which they are fed. Show More

According to a study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Health Center, more than 70% of the chicken samples analyzed had high arsenic levels.

Many varieties of cereals for feeding birds have among their ingredients this heavy metal, which is said to have the role of preventing the appearance of infections in chickens, to accelerate their growth and to give a pleasant color to the meat.
When cooked at high temperatures, the level of arsenic in chicken increases worryingly. Studies have shown that high levels of arsenic increase the risk of the bladder, lung and skin cancer. These chickens are raised industrially, crammed into tiny cages and stuffed with at least dubious food. Thus, following a research, very dangerous bacteria were discovered in such cages, including the antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. These substances end up on our plates and, without realizing it, we become resistant to antibiotics and no longer respond to the recommended treatments, as more and more powerful substances are needed to destroy the infectious agents that weaken our health.


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