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This Is What It Means If You Notice White Spots On Your Nails !

Have you ever wondered why your nails are covered in small white spots? Although it will probably surprise you, the cause of this problem is not the lack of calcium.
The white spots on the nails are called leukonychia.

 Numerous factors have been associated with this problem. But contrary to what many of us believe, calcium deficiency is not one of them.

Some myths about white spots on nails
It has certainly happened to you at least once to look at your nails and notice that they are covered by small, white spots or lines. Show More

They can appear suddenly and disappear just as quickly. 

Leukonychia can be:

It involves the appearance of small spots on the entire surface of the nail. This type of leukemia usually occurs during childhood due to minor but repeated damage to the nails.

It involves the appearance of parallel or transverse lines. This type of leukonychia
 is more common among women, the main cause being aggressive manicures. And chemotherapy is a possible cause of striated leukemia.

This type of leukonychia affects only a specific part of the nail. Generally, spots appear on the upper end of the nails.

Types of white spots on the nails
In this situation, the entire nail will have a whitish, almost homogeneous appearance. This type of leukonychia is rare and is triggered at birth or at an early age. In most cases, the problem is hereditary.

White spots on the nails and lack of zinc
But this problem is really caused by the lack of a certain nutrient.

White lines and spots tend to appear at the root of the nail, advancing as it grows. Zinc deficiency could be the main cause of this phenomenon.

How can you avoid white spots on your nails?
There are currently not many treatments for leukonychia. To remove white spots, you need to let your nails grow long enough to cut or peel them. In the meantime, if you can’t bear to see your nails covered in white spots, you can apply nail polish.

Eat foods rich in zinc, such as nuts and wheat germ.
Consume vitamin A every day. You can get this nutrient from carrots, pumpkin and peaches.


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