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So Many Women Are Taping Their Middle Toes Together, And You’ll Want To See The Reason Why!

Heeled shoes are lovely, seductive, but it gives us, to most of us great headaches. And we wonder if there is a store in this world that has sandals or shoes that have a heel and are very comfortable. All women who dream of such accessories must prepare themselves for the fact that they will suffer, if not in the first hour, at least in the next in which they will wear high-heeled shoes.  Show More

But there is a very handy trick that helps you not only to withstand a lot of heels, but also to make all the movements you want. So, if you want to dance, move freely or walk on heels, all you have to do is resort to this trick. The one who tried it guarantees that it is the best artifice to “trick” awkward heeled shoes. All you need is a strong enough patch or tape. Glue the second and third toes to each foot, then put on your shoes. You will see that they become more comfortable on the spot. The explanation is this: the two fingers caught are the longest and most often confuse the standing for a longer period of time. By catching them in this way, you not only reduce them, but also protect them when they enter the shoe. Also, avoid contact of the second toe with the thumb, which often makes you give up shoes and dance barefoot.
Expert advice
So the pain goes away with this little trick that not many of us know about. However, it is important to have high-heeled shoes that are not very low-cut or sandals that have a thicker front strap. Otherwise, you will see unsightly patches. You can also try with adhesive tape in the color of the skin, but it is not guaranteed that it will not be noticed by a more scrutinizing eye.


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