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Counterfeit meat! Large suppliers use this special product known as “meat glue”

A white powder that sticks leftover beef, lamb, chicken and fish is sold by the kilogram and is considered the “dirty secret” of the meat processing industry. But it is not a novelty, this product has been used for some time.

What is “meat glue”? Certainly you cannot know if you are consuming it and if you are feeling the harmful effects. Show More

Meat eaters everywhere, how would you feel to know that someone sticks some meat scraps from an animal with a little pig’s blood and spices it well with sodium monoglutamate?

You think it’s a steak of the best quality or a fillet of your choice. Experts can’t tell the difference either. It doesn’t break where the pieces are glued, so you can’t know it’s not a whole piece of meat. You can’t tell if it’s sliced meat or a toxic collage of 20 cheap leftovers! Chefs use this sticky enzyme in the form of white powder to mix meat and must be careful not to inhale the substance when preparing it!

It’s a well-hidden secret that butchers don’t want you to know. Large suppliers have been caught using this “special product known as meat glue” to glue leftover portions or “scraps” of meat and sell them as quality products. All kinds of scraps from different animals are used by sheep. In some parts of the world, there is no regulation of meat glue, which is often packaged in supermarkets as “processed” or “reprocessed” meat.
The powder is made of a coagulant from the blood of an animal (usually a pig) and has the risk of infestation with bacteria collected in several pieces.

Caution – if the glued pieces of meat are not well cooked inside, the bacteria existing in those pieces are not killed, risking contamination of the entire digestive tract.

Follow your health. Think better and pay more attention to the choices you make, especially the foods you introduce into your body!


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