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A woman put a unused sponge in the fridge. The effects was amazing

Even if you are a skilled housewife, some tricks in the kitchen are more than likely foreign to you, and many of them can help you solve problems for which you have not been able to find a solution so far. You use the dish sponge daily, without knowing that it is not only useful for cleaning grease deposited on various surfaces, but has many other uses. Show More

What happens when you put a dish sponge in the fridge?

Due to the way it is built, the dish sponge has the ability to absorb water and excess moisture, leaving the surfaces dry. This is why, when you put it in the fridge, the dish sponge will help you keep food fresh longer, managing to eliminate excess water. Many foods end up spoiling when stored in the refrigerator because they contain a large amount of water and the humidity is high. This happens mainly in the case of vegetables and fruits, which deteriorate quickly and you have to throw them away, thus wasting much money.
Fruits and vegetables often lose their flavor and texture when you put them in the fridge. However, you will like to keep your fruits and vegetables as fresh as possible, so keeping them at room temperature is not a good solution. However, a tomato tastes better if you keep it out of the fridge. Vegetables lose their flavor and texture because they absorb moisture from the refrigerator.

A woman put a sponge for the dishes in the fridge, and the effects were amazing.

If you take three unused sponges and put them in the fridge for fruits and vegetables there, you will be amazed by the results that appear!  Specifically, the sponge absorbs the extra moisture from the drawer, thus extending the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables. When you see that the sponges become moist, you simply change them with new ones. It is a sign that they have already absorbed the moisture and are no longer useful.

In addition, if the smell of chopped garlic and onion bothers you, there is a simple trick for that. A trivial toothpaste is an effective aid in removing the heavy odor of the onion and garlic.


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