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She Added This into Her SHAMPOO and Forgot About Hair Loss FOREVER!

Each of us wants to have healthy, shiny and thick hair. But sometimes it needs a little help from us, and the right ingredient is vitamins. Today I will tell you why vitamin E is good for hair and how you can use it at home! There are a number of benefits that vitamin E, applied regularly, offers to your hair. Whether you choose to use it in a mask or in a hair treatment, combined with nourishing oils, it will help you improve the health of your hair. Show More

Vitamin E helps prevent hair loss Vitamin E can reduce oxidative stress on the scalp, and thus manages to prevent or slow down hair loss. Due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin E helps keep your scalp healthy. Thus, the hair becomes stronger and begins to fall harder. Keeps it clean and healthy, but especially hydrated. Vitamin E creates a barrier in the scalp, which manages to keep it always hydrated. When the scalp is not hydrated, irritations occur, generally caused by a lack of vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E, applied together with an oil on the hair, forms a protective layer. Thus, the hair acquires a shiny appearance and becomes silky. It is ideal when the hair is damaged, because it helps you get a healthy look and especially to protect your split ends or dry.

I recommend the following recipe, which I must admit, I was curious and decided to try it myself.

How to prepare and apply the treatment

Use a quarter cup of grape seed oil, carrot seeds or sesame seeds. You can choose them according to your hair needs as follows: grape seed oil for normal hair, carrot seed oil for dry hair and sesame seed oil for oily hair. Use the contents of two vitamin E capsules, which you can mix with the right oil for your hair. The oil will help vitamin E to spread and mix faster. After the two ingredients have mixed, divide the hair into four strands and start applying the mixture from root to tip. If you also want a relaxing effect, you can use circular massage movements on the scalp.


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