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Never Drink the Water from your Nightstand- Here is the Reason ?

The human body needs water to perform its normal physical functions, and nutritionists say it is vital for a person to drink at least 2 liters of water each day.

If a person loses more water than he consumes, his body becomes dehydrated, with not very happy consequences. Show More

Do you usually leave a glass of water on the nightstand? Do you think it tastes weird the next day? Well, being in contact with air, water absorbs carbon dioxide and a small part of it is transformed into carbonic acid, which will lose one or two protons, which transforms its taste.
You’ve probably noticed a change in the taste of the water in the glass left on the nightstand or forgotten on the desk throughout the day. Scientists have shown that this is not just in our imagination, and that water does change when left uncovered for a longer period of time. Most of us have the habit of putting a glass of water on the nightstand if the body feels the need to consume this liquid overnight. We must know that the water in the glass can undergo certain changes without being protected by a saucer that we should put on top. The changes are due to particles that can be placed on the surface of the water, thus contaminating it with dust or microbial load that can sometimes exist in the room where we sleep. It is good to take into account a few recommendations regarding the room in which we sleep, so that we have a restful sleep. We need to ventilate the room very well and wipe off the dust every few days, so that the dust does not reach the glass of water because there is a risk of digestive disorders. Also, when the water comes in contact with the air, it can also undergo oxidation changes, the so-called stagnant water that changes its physico-chemical properties, but also the microbial load. Even if we put water in a glass from a bottle or bottle, left uncovered, it undergoes changes to be contaminated with microorganisms by the phenomena described above. If possible, it is good to keep the water in a can on the nightstand or to have mugs with a closing system, so that the water comes into contact with the air as little as much.


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