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Did you know these things have an expiration date ?

Not only food or cosmetics, but other items have an expiration date that you may not even know about. It often happens that it is not put on the label, because it is not mandatory. But it is good to know this detail too!

Baby car seats
They are mandatory by law and can save the lives of the little ones in case of accident. They are manufactured with a sense of responsibility and seem to last for years. However, car seats for little ones can be expired. Show More

 Check the back of the chair where it could be passed, and if you can’t find it, keep in mind that most can be used between 6 and 10 years. Over time, the links and reinforcements may deteriorate and the seat no longer offers the same safety.

Motor oil
Usually good oils are valid on average 5 years. Subsequently, they lose their properties, and it is no longer advisable to use them.

They never have an expiry date passed on the packaging or on the frame. However, studies have shown that after a few years they lose their property to block UV rays. It is good to change them after 3 years.

In general, the paste can only be stored for 2 years, so it is not worth making large stocks.

The brand soaps have the expiration date written on the packaging. But many common soaps do not expire and you expect them to be valid for as long as possible. Experts say that good soaps last about 3 years, and cheaper ones, much less.


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