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Unusual Ways To Use Shampoo. Don’t use it just to wash your hair!

Here are some of the less known shampoo uses, but they will help.

Did you know that you can use a few drops of shampoo to get rid of scratches, such as scratches from chairs or cabinet doors.

It is useful if any zipper is stuck. Put a little shampoo on the key and the zipper where it is locked and gently pull until it unlocks. Show More

Most types of liquid hand soap are quite harsh on the skin and your hands become rough. But if you put a little shampoo in the liquid hand soap, it will become more delicate.

The shampoo cleans the stains
It is known that the collars and cuffs get dirty the fastest and get yellow stripes from sweating. Soak the stained areas in warm water and apply a little shampoo before putting them in the washing machine.

Aid for carpet cleaning
You can use it to clean the carpets, adding in the water with shampoo and a little vinegar.

Clean the wooden floor and doors
Use a shampoo to wash the floor, if you do not have a special solution in the house. He will leave behind a delicate scent throughout the house.


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