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This is why you should spray vinegar around the windows!

Spray vinegar around the windows! This advice really is worth a try! When the sun finally begins to show and the temperatures rise, you can open the windows again to let the fresh air in. Fresh air is welcome, but even if the windows are closed, it seems that insects (like mosquitoes) enter through cracks. Show More

You can keep insects away from your home with a little vinegar.

For this solution you need ingredients that are in the house. Mix 150 ml of water and 150 ml of vinegar in a spray, shake so that the mixture is homogeneous. Use this mixture to spray the interior and exterior windows. The mosquitoes do not like the smell of vinegar and will stay away.
Get rid of spiders This mixture not only keeps mosquitoes away, but also spiders. Vinegar contains a type of acid that spiders cannot tolerate. This is why it is good to spray the mixture in places where spiders usually walk, cabinets and corners. Even if the vinegar has a strong enough smell, don’t worry, the bedroom and living room will not smell of vinegar. When dry, the smell disappears.


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