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Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain With This Homemade Remedy

In the human body, the longest nerve and one of the most important is called the sciatic nerve. This sciatic nerve starts from the spinal cord, passes through the hips and buttocks and then branches downward on each leg. This nerve has a direct effect on the ability to control …

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Unhealthy Things You Should Never Do After Eating

Have you ever asked yourself about the consequences of your action after eating? Well, you will be surprised to know that a vast majority of the ingrained habits that you engage in have a negative impact on your health. As you already know, digestion starts in the mouth and continues …

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I encourage you to try to prepare your own detergent. It is a simple way to save money and especially to provide the family with a healthy alternative. The whole process is simple and inexpensive. For baby clothes it would be recommended not to use any flavor. However, if you …

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Natural antibiotic that kills E.coli bacteria

A substance produced by honeybees, royal jelly is made up of protein, sugars, fatty acid, probiotics, and water. It is produced by worker bees for only a few honeybees (while all other bees eat beebread), which helps the honeybees develop into queen bees. Widely available for purchase online, royal jelly is …

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