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I encourage you to try to prepare your own detergent. It is a simple way to save money and especially to provide the family with a healthy alternative. The whole process is simple and inexpensive. For baby clothes it would be recommended not to use any flavor. However, if you …

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Natural antibiotic that kills E.coli bacteria

A substance produced by honeybees, royal jelly is made up of protein, sugars, fatty acid, probiotics, and water. It is produced by worker bees for only a few honeybees (while all other bees eat beebread), which helps the honeybees develop into queen bees. Widely available for purchase online, royal jelly is …

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How to make the best fertilizer for your plants

Many people like gardening or having apartment plants. To make them grow beautifully they use fertilizers, which are bought in specialized stores. But most of these are expensive or contain chemicals. However, you don’t have to give up using fertilizers, but create one, a BIO fertilizer. You might find the …

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