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Attaching A Paper Towel Roll To Your Vacuum Is A Miraculous Solution!!

Paper towels began to gain more and more ground compared to the classic textile ones, being indispensable in any home. They prove to be very useful due to the fact that they absorb a significant amount of liquid very lightly. However, you would not have thought that there are other uses that they can have, but after watching these images you will certainly not hesitate to put into practice the ideas presented. Show More

If until now you used to throw away the cardboard tube on which the paper towels are wrapped, after seeing the first trick you will give up doing it again. It can be a help when cleaning your car. As you well know, it is quite difficult to find an end of a vacuum cleaner with which you can completely eliminate the dirt gathered in narrow places like the one between the seats. To do this, you can attach a tube to the vacuum hose, and this solves the problem. The car will shine with cleanliness!

You can also clean your home with these paper towels. Once you run out of removable cloths, you can hold a few such towels on the flexible mop. The parquet will be pampered, and the house will be moon in a short time! These towels are also famous for how useful they are in cleaning windows or mirrors, but in this case there is a small inconvenience – the small lint left behind. You don’t have to panic, just use a few coffee filters to remove them and the glass will be flawless!
To enjoy a relaxing or even fun activity, many people usually go for a picnic or a barbecue. If you are in this situation, you know very well that one of the tools that you should never forget at home is the very sharp knife. To make sure that there are no unpleasant incidents during transport, you can insert its blade into the cardboard tube left over after using the paper towels, without forgetting to seal it at the ends with a few pieces of adhesive tape.


Image source : www.familyhandyman.com

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