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The reason you should put lemon juice in the washing machine

Lemons have a variety of uses – from drinks, food to cleaning various items. Rich in citric acid, this fruit has a low pH and antibacterial properties. It doesn’t destroy things the way it does with other cleaning products in stores.

There are hundreds of professional cleaning products, and this industry is constantly evolving.  Show More

However, there are still people who use traditional cleaning methods, which are almost as effective as those in the trade.

One of these wonderful products that you can use at home is lemon. Although it seems hard to believe, this fruit has many more uses than you could imagine and it really works.

Lemon can be used successfully in place of traditional detergents and cleaning products. It has no negative effects on us or the environment. Plus they are available to anyone. It often works better than regular cleaning products.
Of course, to get the best results it is recommended to use it with laundry detergent, but you can reduce its amount. Lemon will give your laundry a discreet and fresh scent and will even help clean the washing machine.

Lemon can work wonders when used to clean white laundry due to enzymes and citric acid. These substances help to remove stains in a very short time and in a very efficient way. Unlike chlorine or other whitening solutions, lemon does not affect colored laundry and can even be used to clean them. The stains will miraculously disappear. Is it hard for you to believe that? Just try and you will convince yourself! Add a cup of lemon juice along with a smaller amount of detergent.

If you face very difficult spots, the lemon is the one that comes to your aid. Boil a cup of water and then combine it with a cup of lemon juice. Put the item of clothing you want to clean in this solution and let it soak for a few minutes. Take care! Sensitive materials may suffer and in their case it is better to use slightly warm or even cold water. Then wash the laundry, normally. 


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