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Beware of fake eggs from China! The Chinese have come to produce fake eggs

Already famous for their habit of counterfeiting clothes, shoes or electronics produced by well-known brands, the Chinese have managed to take counterfeiting to new heights.

They produce fake eggs. In appearance, there is almost no difference between a real egg and a fake one. Show More

So, an ordinary buyer could easily be fooled into buying this merchandise. Although the shell of the fake ones is a bit stronger, it looks extremely good with the real one.

Even the thin film that protects the inside is present in the “Chinese egg”.

Also, the colors and shapes of the yolk and white are almost identical to the real ones and only someone very careful would realize that it has to do with a fake.

Fake eggs appeared in the mid-1990s, and their production spread throughout China. In 2005, the production price of a fake egg was half that of a real egg.

With the right tools and materials, a person can produce 1,500 fake eggs a day.

How these eggs are produced
To produce egg white, they use resin, starch and pigments. Then add sodium alginate, extracted from brown algae, which gives the desired viscosity.

To the egg white thus prepared, add the yolk, which consists of another mixture of resin and pigments. Once the interior is ready, the shell is created from a mixture of paraffin, gypsum and calcium carbonate.

Basically, none of this egg comes from a hen.

An attentive person would notice that he is dealing with a fake. First of all, the shell of Chinese eggs has a perfect shape and is fine, without roughness.

Moreover, real eggs have a faint odor that fake ones do not. Also, after the egg is broken, the yolk and egg white mix very quickly because they are made from the same ingredients.


Image source : www.buzztalk.net

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