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Did you know that you can use ice cubes not only for lemonade?

Make it a habit to put ice water in the freezer in cubes. Any drink will be better with some ice cubes, but you can also use them for other purposes. Here are some other ingenious uses of ice cubes that you may not have thought of.

Colder and tastier water for pets
On hot days your cat will appreciate the cold water. The water in her bowl can heat up during the day and she will no longer drink with pleasure. From time to time, you can also put an ice cube to refresh its taste. Show More

Ice cubes for potted flowers
Some houseplants can be watered using ice cubes. Place the cubes on the ground in the pots, without touching the stem of the plants or the roots, in the case of orchids. They will gradually melt and keep the surface of the earth moist for longer.

Use ice to extract a chip from under the skin
It terribly stung a splinter that went under the skin in the palms or feet. Use an ice cube to numb the skin a little in that place and quickly pull out the splinter. It will be easier to bear.

Ice prevents infection if you have minor burns
If you have burned in the oven or iron and have a minor burn, but which can become infected, apply ice immediately. The ice cools the skin, numbs the nerves and you don’t feel the sting as hard and kills the bacteria that could cause an infection.

Prepare a creamy sauce for your salad
A summer salad with lots of fresh vegetables is even better if you add a refreshing yogurt sauce with dill or a spicy tomato sauce. But, to make a sauce as creamy as possible, put it in a bowl with a lid, add a large cube of ice and shake well. The ice will gradually melt and the consistency of the sauce will become more creamy.

Eliminates fat from meat soups
If you prepare a meat soup and a larger amount of fat that you don’t like accumulates on top, you can easily gather it with a large spoon in which you put a few ice cubes. The fat sticks to the ice and is easy to remove.


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