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Surprising Benefits For Putting Garlic In This Part Of Your Body

Garlic brings a lot of health benefits. It is an essential ingredient in the kitchen, but also in alternative medicine, due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect. So, if you are looking for a natural remedy for headaches or to treat ear infections you can use garlic with confidence. You’ve probably wondered what the benefits are if you put a clove of garlic in your ear. Show More

If you suffer from neuralgia, toothache, earache, arthritis, rheumatism, eat garlic regularly, because it can prove to be one of your best allies in relieving pain.

Very rich in vitamin C, D, calcium and iron, it successfully prevents flu and colds in the cold season and fights infections, frees the airways, bronchi and lungs.

Garlic also prevents clots and arterial thrombosis, helping to increase appetite, lowering blood pressure. So here are some healthy reasons to include this strongly flavored plant in our daily diet! In addition to consuming raw garlic that brings these benefits, there is also a natural solution to use it that removes headaches and earaches.

What happens if you put a clove of garlic in your ear?

One remedy that works for headaches and earaches is to put a piece of garlic in the ear. Many people have found relief from pain and even a cure for a superficial ear infection.

Cut in half a clove of garlic, wrap in gauze and put in the ear.

It is best to do this before going to bed, so that by the morning the garlic substances act in the ear.

Be careful not to put it too deep in your ear, but as you would with a pair of regular headphones.

Even if it can fall overnight, make sure you fall asleep on the opposite side to allow the garlic to act for as long as possible.

According to natural medicine, this little trick helps calm your headaches and relieve certain ear infections, due to the analgesic and antibiotic effect offered by garlic.


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