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Amazing! This ingredient helps to thicken the eyebrows

Every woman wants to have dense and thick eyebrows. When the eyebrows are thin, you often have to fill them with a pencil or blush. The shape and appearance of the eyebrows can influence the way the whole face looks, so they must be taken care of very carefully. Many women who have thought too much or thought wrong for years, have problems with hair growth. Show More

Thick eyebrows are in vogue today. A pair of thick and well-defined eyebrows beautifies your eyes and gives it much more expressiveness.

It’s been a while since thin eyebrows were in vogue. In fact, many people are looking for different ways to give shape and volume to their eyebrows, to get a more natural look.

The problem is that frequent pinching, chemicals used and harmful particles in the environment can weaken the hair and can destroy the appearance of the eyebrows. For example, it often happens that the eyebrows thin out or become excessively thin, becoming difficult to highlight even with the help of makeup.

Before resorting to excessive makeup or eyebrow tattooing, it is a good idea to try a simple remedy that will effectively stimulate the growth of hair. It may sound a little strange, but the secret is onions. It is a vegetable that has many health benefits and can be eaten both raw and cooked. Moreover, onions can be used externally. Onion juice works wonders for eye.brows
Few know that onion juice nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, accelerates hair growth and gives shine. So, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this simple but effective trick. All you have to do is finely chop a small onion, then extract the juice from it. Onion juice applied to the eyebrows and massage for 5 minutes. After this time, clean the eyebrows with cold water and cleanser. You can also simply massage your eyebrows with a slice of onion.

Repeat this procedure daily, and the results will not be long in coming in about a week. A secret that stimulates hair growth is castor oil, which you can apply on the eyebrows in the evening.


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