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The Reason Why You Should Start Putting Ice Cubes In Your Dryer

Ironing clothes seems like a fairly simple activity for most of us, but often the results are not what we want. Despite the labels on the clothes, which give us information about ironing, we often end up in a situation where our clothes do not look the way we would have liked.
The unsightly creases that appear no matter how carefully you try to pass the iron over the material give us headaches and the long time we spend trying to make our outfits look impeccable are just some of the problems we face when it comes to ironing. Show More

One of the most interesting and useful tutorials I’ve seen lately is the one in which a young woman reveals how you can get rid of creases in just five minutes. To have wrinkle-free clothes, all you have to do is put a few ice cubes and the item of clothing you want to wear in the tumble dryer. Turn on the dryer for 5 minutes at maximum power and … Done! Your shirts and T-shirts will look impeccable!

But the ice cubes you already have in the fridge have other ingenious uses, which will be useful at the right time.

Heat the rice… with a little ice
Usually, boiled rice or pilaf begins to dry after a day or two of standing in the refrigerator. When you heat it again, put two or three ice cubes on top and it will get wet as much as necessary.

Good for salad dressing
If you want the salad dressing to be creamier, put it in a plastic bag that you can seal, along with an ice cube and shake it well.

Get rid of stains
If you have it on hand, immediately rub the clothes you stain with an ice cube. Stains will discolor and be easier to remove when washing clothes.
Repair sauces that have been cut
Hot sauces based on cream or eggs are sometimes cut, if you do not respect the proportions. But you can add 2-3 ice cubes to make them creamy again, while you mix them lightly in a bain-marie.

Ice cubes clean the gum from clothes
If you glued gum to clothes or hair, hold an ice cube over it, to make it hard and brittle. Then use a knife to clean it, without lying on the clothes.


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