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When you see what she did , you will do the same!

Sugar, a common and indispensable food in people’s homes has priority you didn’t know existed. What did the famous dermatologist Francesca Fusco discover about the advantages it can give to your hair ornament?

Most women throw a large amount on shampoos to have clean and full hair. But there are also cheaper methods and with a better result, the famous dermatologist shows us.  Show More

The doctor’s method tells us that sugar can be used as something else, not necessarily as a sweetener. ”Combining the shampoo with sugar helps to deeply cleanse the scalp. And the exfoliating effect is not only due to its coarse consistency. Dissolved sugar retains its detoxifying effect on the hair, cleansing the scalp of dead cells, sebum and dirt “without drying it out.”

What do you do if you want to use this method? Simple, put a teaspoon of sugar in a 400 ml bottle. The shampoo is applied on damp hair and lasts about 3 minutes, the hair should be hydrated after washing the shampoo, possibly with sugar, chamomile tea, to prevent possible further irritation. Another useful tip is that instead of drying it with a dryer, wipe it with a towel and massage the skin for 15 minutes.

For extra volume, you can add sugar to the conditioner. After you have done this, homogenize the mixture well, rub a little between the palms and add to the length of the hair. Keep the mixture on the hair for approx. 10 minutes, then rinse well with lukewarm water
Sugar is a good regenerator and supports blood circulation in the fine capillaries of the scalp. Wash your head as usual, then dry it in a towel. When still wet, massage the scalp with sugar for 5-10 minutes, then rinse well with water. Do this twice a week, and you will enjoy great results after two months of treatment.


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