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This simple ingredient will make your hair shiny and strong

If you apply this treatment once a week, the proteins in the gelatin will strengthen the health of the hair by nourishing it and restoring the strength, shine and volume lost over time.

If you have wavy or curly hair, you can get shiny and well-defined curls with the help of a gelatin treatment, very easy to prepare.

In today’s article we explain how a small amount of gelatin can give you beautiful hair, without having to resort to other commercial products that can damage the hair ornament. Show More

Women with curly or wavy hair know how important it is to get rid of rebellious hair and “soften” their messy curls.

Curly hair is usually drier, requiring the use of products such as gel, wax, foam or hairspray to keep it under control, especially in humid conditions.

But there is a product that helps you arrange curly hair in a simple, cheap and natural way: gelatin.

What is this gelatin treatment?
Gelatin keeps your hair healthy effectively if you mix it with your regular conditioner.

If you have a 300 ml bottle of conditioner, the quantities are as follows:

1 tablespoon gelatin (20 g)
5 tablespoons of water  (75 g)

Method of preparation
Put the water and gelatin in a saucepan and stir until it dissolves.
Heat the mixture for one minute.
Allow to cool and add to the conditioner bottle.

For optimal benefits, use this gelatin treatment at least twice a week.

You should also avoid excessive use of the hair dryer and curler, as they dry and damage the hair.

Other tips

Protect your hair from the sun’s rays at peak times of the day, especially if you are at the beach or at high altitudes.
Opt for shampoo and natural hair care products that do not contain paraffin.

Comb your hair with a large-toothed comb and use gentle movements to prevent breakage of the strands.
Allow the hair to dry naturally or use the cool air of the hair dryer.


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