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Mouthwash with baking soda? Amazing effects…

With bad breath it is no joke.
Natural mouthwash is the best way to prevent bacteria from growing on your tongue after brushing your teeth. In addition, it prevents wheezing and refreshes your breath. Bad breath is an oral health problem that can indicate an infection, a disease of the teeth or gums and even a digestive disorder. A natural mouthwash can help combat it. Show More

Many people use mouthwash for its undeniable benefits. Refreshes the breath, reduces the number of bacteria that attack the teeth, reduces the risk of periodontitis and prevents tartar deposition. It is good to use mouthwash after each brushing or at least twice a day. But commercial solutions are often too mentholated and contain too much alcohol that irritates the oral mucosa and tongue.

So, here’s how you can make mouthwash at home. You need: water, baking soda, essential oils and a container that can be closed.

Put a cup of warm water in a container that allows you to easily mix all the ingredients. Then add a tablespoon of baking soda (this is the element that will annihilate the bad smell).
Top up with essential oils: five drops of tea tree oil and seven drops of peppermint oil. And tea tree oil helps remove bad odors due to its antibacterial properties that destroy bacteria hidden in your mouth.

You can also use other essential oils, such as citrus, which fits very well in this recipe.

After you have put all the ingredients, you need in the container, mix the contents well. You can close the container and start shaking it or use a spoon so that everything mixes well. Hot water helps the ingredients to combine quickly.

After the ingredients have mixed well, take a mouthful, rinse for a minute and spit. Repeat the process every day, and you will soon get rid of bad breath.


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