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What defects do you have depending on your favorite color

Many people are unaware of the impact colors have on our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in everyday life.

Have you ever thought that your favorite shade can reveal a lot about you? Psychologists have found some common elements in those who like a certain color. Here are the flaws that reveal your favorite color. Do they fit you?

Red – Aggression, tendency to dominate, intolerance, brutality, volcanic temperament, rebelliousness, boredom. Show More

Orange – Superficial, dependent, self-sufficient, exhibitionist, pessimistic, excessive pride.

Yellow – Extremely critical, impatient, impulsive, selfish, pessimistic, inferiority complex, cowardly, lacking in compassion.

Green – Materialistic, indifferent, invidious, selfish, stingy, greedy, over-cautious.

Blue – Rigid, sad, passive, superstitious, emotionally unstable, conservative, predictable, weak, manipulative.

Indigo – Fanatic, critical, intolerant, depressed, fearful, addicted, clumsy.

Mauve – Immature, lack of practical, cynical, arrogant spirit.

Pink – Physical weakness, unrealistic expectations, naivety, emotional immaturity, lack of power, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-respect, over-cautious.

Brown – Gloomy, boring, materialistic, humorless, predictable, arrogant, cynical.

Gray / silver – Undecided, indifferent, boring, sad, depressed, lonely, isolated, melancholic, rigid, negative.

Gold – Fear of success, fear of prosperity, selfish, false, distrustful.

White – Isolated, cautious, distant, critical, boring, unimaginative, rigid.

Black – Distant, depressed, pessimistic, secretive, withdrawn, conservative, serious, sad, negative, excessive desire to control.


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