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Why do you soak fish in milk before cooking

Milk is a source of vitamins and calcium essential for our health.

An excellent quality of milk is its almost neutral pH.

Why do you soak fish in milk?

Milk offers a better taste for fish, seafood and frozen turtle legs.  Show More

After cooking, it will be noticed that the fish tastes better and is easier to cut. Soaking a thin fillet for as few as 10 to 15 minutes can make it taste milder, and for thicker fillets or steaks, you can fearlessly double the soaking time. You might soak a generous cut from the thicker part of a large fillet of fish in milk for as long 30 minutes.

Another trick is to make sure your fish smells like the sea, and not, like fish. That’s one indicator of freshness. The solution is easy: A soak in a bowl of milk, and that fishy smell is all gone.

 Milk is excellent for grinding meat.

Here are some other amazing milk tips that will be very useful to you.
Milk treats hair
Milk, rich in natural proteins and enzymes, has the ability to repair hair. It is very easy to apply: after shampooing, you must pour 30 ml of milk on your hair and then rinse.
Milk cleanses hands

To keep your hands clean and soft, you can make a paste of oatmeal and milk.


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