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Always Check For White Stripes Before Buying Chicken Breast – Here’s Why

Most people prefer chicken instead of pork or beef. However, chicken meat has become increasingly dangerous because of the hormone injected. How do you know if the chicken breast of chicken originating from an increased feed ? You’ve probably noticed that there are white stripes on the chicken’s chest, which shows that the chicken was injected with hormones or forced up with special food.  Also, when you cook the chicken breast, it leaves a lot of water and the meat decreases quantitatively. Show More

Chickens and chicken breasts are injected to look bigger, which is why what we buy from the store seems double compared to an ordinary chicken.   Be careful what you choose! Today’s chicken is of questionable quality. Forced growth changes the composition and quality of the meat. One big mistake is that we choose to buy processed meat with added sodium, which contain monosodium glutamate, which gives a good taste and appetizing appearance. In the long term, such meat affects the body’s immunity, which can lead especially to oncological conditions. Hormones affect the health of the consumer.   Organically raised chickens are healthier. If there is a possibility, choose to buy from small producers naturally raised chickens. Or choose to buy good quality chicken meat (organically raised chickens), even if its price is higher. Choose quality not quantity! And processed meat should be excluded from the menu!

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