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Thanks to this ingenious trick with boiling water you can do this for your car

When choosing with a fold on the car body, even a minor one, it can cost us a few hundred dollars to repair in a specialized service, because it involves bribery and repelling. The good news is that you can even correct the bent bar. A very simple solution involves just a kettle, water, rubber gloves and something skill. Show More

The first thing you have to do is to boil some water. Make sure you wear rubber gloves when you start to pour hot water over the bumper. If you have the gloves, you can start torching the water. The idea is very simple. Even if it often seems to be of metal, the bumper is made of plastic, so hot water makes it more flexible and easy to shape.
Now that the bumper is more flexible, you can push back the section that has been plugged. For that, you have to reach behind the bar and act from there.
Once you pushed the bar back out, you need a container of cold water that you can pour over the barrel. Thus, the water will keep the bar and make the plastic contract and strengthen in the form you shaped it, that is, in the original form.

Try this awesome trick for removing a dent from your car bumper. Better then spending tons of hard earned money at the body shop.

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