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How to wear shoes without pain

Have you ever experienced the pain in wearing a new pair of shoes? You like high heels but you feel that pain is killing you?
The article you read will offer you some tricks you may try in order to avoid pain. Some tricks can make your shoes more comfortable and easier to wear.
One of the best tricks is to warm your shoes and then wear them with a thick pair of shoes. Show More

During wearing them keep drying up their whole surface using a hair dryer. Wear them until they cool down. When you feel that your shoes are widen stop the procedure. Be aware to use a shoe cram before do this procedure if your shoes are made of leather. Otherwise, they could be damaged.
You can also widen your shoes by putting them in the freezer before wearing them. All you have to do is to fill two food bags with water and put them in the interior of the shoes. Then, put the shoes in the freezer until water freezes. Once you take out the shoes out of the freezer, wear the shoes through the house. You may repeat the procedure until you feel comfortable wearing them.
Alcohol may be useful in widening your shoes because it softens the leather. Soak a piece of cotton in alcohol and put it in your shoes. After some minutes, wear the shoes through the house.
I am convinced that many of you have experienced the bad smell of your shoes. A good trick is applying baking soda inside of them. They will refresh immediately.
Problems with white shoes when trying to clean them? Combine a half teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of warm water and a half-teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and apply the mixture on your favourite shoes. Leave them in the sun light for a few minutes then clean the shoes.


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