The article below presents you an easy way to relax yourself while showering and get away of a little cold or cough. It presents you how to make homemade vaporizing shower cubes. They could also be a great handmade gift idea.
All you need is an ice cube tray and four ingredients that might be easy to find in your kitchen. Some measuring spoons and a mixture bowl will also be needed. Show More


¼ cup of corn starch
½ cup of baking soda
1-3 tbs of water
4 tbs of VapoRub
Ultra fine white glitter


First of all, combine the baking soda and the corn starch and add 4 tbs of VapoRub. Mix it well until is fully combined. Then, add one tablespoon of water at a time. That is why the mixture should not be runny. It needs to harden itself. Add some corn starch if it becomes too runny and the problem is solved. When the mixture is done pour it in the ice cube tray and sprinkle some glitter on top, if you like it. All you have to do is to let it dry overnight.
When it is time to take out the cubes from the tray, make it gently because they are easy to break. They are very soft. Keep them in a beautiful cup or put them in a nice jar if you offer them as a gift.
The final result will be great! You may keep them near the shower because the steam will release an amazing vapor effect while the cubes melt. You will feel yourself like in a little spa. If you feel a cough or a cold , use them in the shower. It may not cure the illness, but you will feel better because they help soothe any irritation. GREAT, isn’t it?


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