I am pretty sure that many of those who read this article have at least heard if not have already used essential oils. They are chemical-free and they improve people’s life from many points of views. Apart from smelling great, they could be also used in medical purposes. This article tries to offer you some tips and tricks for using essential oils. Show More

Methods of using essential oils

You can wear your favorite oil. All you have to do is to pour some drops to your wooden bracelet because wood beads are great for holding the oil scent. You can as well use leather as a personal diffuser if you do not have wood beads.
There are also essential oils diffuser necklaces on market. They are a good alternative to little bottles you have to carry with you.
Essential oils can be useful in children’s games. For example, you can pour lemon oil into dough. While playing, children will benefit of it without even knowing.
Use essential oils while driving! It’s easy to make a car diffuser using a clothespin, felted balls and glue. Stick the balls on the clothespin and pour a couple of oil on them.
You can make your mascara last longer if you pour a single drop of lavender essential oil inside the tube. Moreover, your lashes will be longer and thicker.
You can make rice socks (they double as heating pads if you microwave them) and add oils on them.
Bugs can be chased away by different scents of essential oils. Make a bug-hating mixture against them.
To get a fast great odor for the house, just drop some oils over the house filters.
Everybody knows that bathrooms are smelly sometimes. Blend citrus and Mint and add some drops inside the toilet paper roll. It will cut odors immediately.
Snotty noses can be treated with essential oils. Just drop some oil into the tissue box and inhale the scent.
Maybe you did not know that essential oils can be useful for cleaning greasy spots. It is very easy. Use hydrogen peroxide, water and lemon essential oil ( 3 parts of peroxide, 1 part of water an 5 drops of lemon essential oil).


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